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Storing Nevada Soft Shell Pine Nuts

 The Nevada soft shell Pine Nuts that we sell need to be stored in a dry, and cool location. Because they are sold fresh, they have moisture in them still. They need to "breath.”.  If they are stored in any type of air tight, sealed container like a plastic bag, a sealed can, or a sealed plastic food container they will gradually go sour, then eventually moldy. This is something we can guarantee

 If you do not plan on eating them right away they will dry up and loose weight. There are two ways to store them

 1. Keep them in a dry cool area in a paper bag as listed above. If you do it this way, they will eventually dry up and get hard. They will usually last for several months after the fall harvest using this method. After January the seed in the shell will start to dry up an become hard.  If you do purchase them after the new year, beware that they will not be as fresh as they were a few months ago and may taste different.

 2. Freeze them. You can use any type of container. It doesn't really matter if you are freezing them. The only thing you need to be aware of is that after you get them out and thaw them, they will get moldy after a few days. The trick is to just thaw out what you want at the moment. They might have a different taste but if you roast them they should be just fine.

 Please remember that these are a seasonal nut and the best time to eat them is during the harvest season.