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2014 Nevada Soft Shell Update

Available Now!

These pine nuts are available to order now. The cost is $14/lb plus shipping.
We will ship them out as with in a day or so.

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2014 NM/AZ Hard Shell Pinon Update

We are not sure if these will be available.  If they are, we will notify everyone on the mailing list as soon as we know more.

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Pine nuts are also known as pinyon nuts,pinon nuts, pignolias and pignolis.

Pine nuts (pinenuts) are for everyone, People, Birds, Squirrels, Hamsters, Everyone.

We sell two different types of locally grown U.S. pine nuts.
Nevada soft shell pinon pine nuts (pinenuts, pignolias),
New Mexico/Arizona Hard shell pinon pine nuts. (These have been hard to get the last few years, but we will sell them if they ever get a good crop.

The Nevada soft shell pine nuts and the New Mexico/Arizona hard shell pine nuts
(pinenuts, pignolias) are local seasonal pine nuts that are harvested in the fall.
We only have these pine nuts during the fall. So look for these when they arrive.

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