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We specialize in selling locally grown Nevada soft shell Pine Nuts. (American Pine Nuts)

The Nevada soft shell pine nut is a local seasonal pine nut that is harvested in the fall of each year. These are the freshest pine nuts you will find.  We sell them raw and unshelled. We usually only have these pine nuts during the fall and are sold out by December. So be sure to order these when they arrive.

2014 Nevada Soft Shell Update

Available Now!

These pine nuts are available to order now. The cost is only $13.49/lb plus shipping.
We will ship them out with in a day or so.

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2014 NM/AZ Hard Shell Pinon Update

We are not sure if these will be available.  If they are, we will notify everyone on the mailing list as soon as we know more.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions

What are Pine Nuts? 
Pine nuts are the seeds that come out of pine cones. People have been eating them for thousands of years.  Or at least as far back in history as we are able to know about. The pine nut was a staple of the American Indians.  They would harvest them in the fall and save them to eat through out the year.

How do I crack pine nuts?
The traditional way to crack the pine nut is to use either your fingers to crack the shell, then pull the shell off and eat the seed or gently crack the shell with your teeth, then use your fingers to pull apart the shell and eat it. Its pretty simple.  Just don't eat the shell. 

Where can I go to harvest my own pine nuts?
The most difficult part about harvesting your own pine nuts is finding a location that has the pine trees.  They are usually found in remote areas in the mountains at about 7,000 feet in elevation.  Commercial harvesters spend many days/weeks scouting out an area (or areas) that is large enough to supply them with the volume of pine nuts needed to make it profitable. But if you are just looking for a small pocket of trees that you can take your family out to for a camping trip I would suggest calling the local BLM or forest ranger station to see where they recommend.  Tell them that you are looking for a place to harvest some pine nuts for personal use.  They should at least be able to give you an idea of where you can go look. Every year is different. It takes about 18 months for the pine nut to mature. So if you found a good spot this year it will most likely not be a good place the following year.
Also, if you think you are going to save money by harvesting your own pine nuts, think again. Unless you are planning on harvesting pine nuts on a large scale you will probably not make enough money to pay for your gas and supplies.
Harvesting pine nuts on your own is purely for the experience and to create memories with your family.

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